Mental Health Awareness: Coping with COVID-19

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and because we are currently navigating our way through a pandemic that has left a worldwide trail of devastation, Alliance Health’s Behavioral Health Specialists would like to post a few tips for Coping with COVID – 19.

  • This is a shared experience. No one is alone. Don’t feel ashamed to lean on others for support during this time, even if it’s just to talk to someone about your feelings.
  • Continue any and all self-care techniques. Utilize hobbies and passions, especially any that can be done at home, such as drawing, painting, cooking, reading, and exercise.
  • Try to utilize breathing techniques, meditation, and body relaxation. There are so many free resources on YouTube and even apps that can be downloaded with breathing and mindfulness exercises.
  • Enjoy and spend time with your loved ones.
  • Take breaks from news and social media coverage. This can be overwhelming and lead to negative thoughts and anxiety. Focus on enjoyable activities that take your mind off of your stress.
  • Do not engage in discrimination or prejudice against any specific ethnic groups. This virus is no one’s fault, and we are all in this together. Practice kindness.
  • Remaining calm is the best option for everyone. Panic and hysteria will not solve anything; it will only make matters worse.
  • Quarantine is to keep everyone safe. Limit social activities. It will not be like this forever. It will get better!
  • Create practical plans for handling medical emergencies. Make sure you have any necessary medication/supplies in your home. Do not hoard nonessential items due to panic.
  • Remember that this crisis is not only about you and your family becoming ill. It is about slowing the spread of this virus so that medical facilities can treat those who need it most. The slower the virus spreads, the better able medical facilities will be to treat patients.